Administrative Services

Secretarial Services

A full range of secretarial services are provided for the corporation including correspondence, documents, minutes, reports and newsletters. 

Record Maintenance and Storage

We maintain all corporate records and files including the official minute book and corporate register. Archive files are stored in our office at no additional cost to the client. 

Annual General Meetings

We will make all the necessary arrangements such as booking a facility and arranging for a P.A. System. We will prepare the notice of meeting, the agenda, proxies and ballots. We will have it printed and forwarded to all home owners and mortgagees. At the meeting we will have a list of all homeowners-specifically for the purpose of registration, as well as a schedule of all outstanding accounts receivable. 

Status Certificates

We utilize a standard format for Status Certificates designed specifically to ensure all legal terminology and information is current and correct. We note the percentage of ownership, legal description, name and address of the unit as well as outstanding common element arrears, special payments and the common element fee payable each month. The exterior of the unit is inspected for damage, and then the Status Certificate is forwarded to the lawyer who requested it. 

By-Law Enforcement

When we become aware of a bylaw infraction, a letter is sent to the owner outlining the infraction with reference to the Bylaw or Rules and Regulations of the Condominium Act. In the first instance every effort is made to effect compliance, without resorting to legal action. We communicate with the Owner and attempt to achieve compliance by conversation and dialogue. If all fails we seek direction from the Board of Directors to proceed with full legal action. Complaints registered by Residents must be in writing. We maintain a library of standard letters to address the usual complaints such as pets, noise and nuisances

Administration and Communication

The effectiveness of good administration is necessitated by good communication. We strive to keep the lines of communication open between our Condominium Managers and the Board of Directors. We encourage and seek comments and suggestions from our Clients.  We provide a wide variety of services for our Condominium Management clients. We are willing to sit down and discuss your needs and create a management contract that suits your needs.