Maintenance Services

Work Schedules

One of our first priorities is to prepare structured daily work schedules and job descriptions for all on-site staff (where applicable). This ensures that the work is prioritized and conducted to our standards. 

On-Site Inspections

Regular on-site inspections are carried out by the Condominium Manager. Minor repairs are handled promptly and three contractors are always contacted for quotes for expenditures exceeding the contractual limits. 

Work Tendering On Major Renovations

All major renovations and repairs are tendered to ensure the best workmanship at the best price. Constant comparison of supplier and trade invoice's, ensures that the best dollar value is obtained. When possible bulk purchases and contracts are obtained to reduce costs. Certain types of recurring maintenance and services are contracted for a fixed period of time (usually one year) to reputable trades at a fixed fee or predetermined rate. This allows us to award the contracts on a tender basis to those firms that can demonstrate both quality and cost efficiency. 

Supervision of Trades

All staff and trades are supervised by the Condominium Manager who in turn reports directly to the Board of Directors.  Contractors used all are required to have the required insurance coverage and WSIB coverage.

Preventive Maintenance Program

Our comprehensive maintenance program is systematic and planned to include a "Preventative Maintenance Schedule for each property. A record is maintained of all pertinent equipment in the building, including location, serial and model number, date installed and warranties. The mechanical specifications, maintenance details and date when last checked are carefully monitored and recorded. The implementation of this program has resulted in substantial savings to owners in both actual repair costs and down time. Furthermore, it assists in planning reserve fund schedules for short, medium, and long term projections.  All maintenance is entered into our computerized program and maintenance history can be retrieved by unit, common element component, vendor, or in a number of other ways so that this information serves as an excellent working tool in our day to day managing activities.  The Condominium Manager inspects the property and submits a monthly report to the Board of Directors outlining the next month's activities including quotes and a schedule for the activities.